Remember me yo!

I have had people tell me, to think positively and stop all the negative thoughts. If only, it was that simple! And I keep asking them- how?, hoping I'd find an answer someday! 🙂 To make that transition from constantly doubting... Continue Reading →

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I want to be a Web Analytics Expert, but stay away from web coding. Can I?

Most of the web analytics tools today, claim that one can learn the tool and measure their website metrics for their company. One sure can, but what if your business needs to measure a new metric or a different web site interaction... Continue Reading →

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Http, html, Server, coding languages – how do all these connect?

The content displayed on your browser is a classic ice-burg scenario. What happens beneath is a complex set of events in the web world. Would you like to have a 30,000 feet/ high level understanding of what goes on in... Continue Reading →

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How do I choose what programming language to learn?

If you are beginning to learn coding or programming on your own, you could be overwhelmed with the choices of programming languages available in times of now. This article is intended to list different languages associated with the different development technologies... Continue Reading →

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Browsers can look ahead!

As explained in a previous blog post, its a well proven fact that browsers start parsing an html page sequentially, starting form the very top. While having a sequential execution, wouldn't it be great if the browser could peep ahead in... Continue Reading →

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What if Whatsapp could tell you who has viewed you today?

The use of Whatsapp has grown by leaps and bounds. There are many users, who would not create a public profile on FB or Linkedin, but do have a presence on Whatsapp. Whatsapp is constantly becoming better and adding newer features to... Continue Reading →

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Regional Quotes – Remember me yo!

Sometimes, saying and quotes in your own language, the one in which you think, help you de-clutter your mind better. Following are a few quotes or phrases in Hindi: Regional quotes: Apna janm is issue mein fasse rehne ke life... Continue Reading →

What is it to grow up?

These are some of the things, I have learnt over years, that I think is - what it means to grow up or what defines you as being called an adult (apart from your age of course).   Good to... Continue Reading →

Wrong Expectations/Bust those myths!

All of us develop thoughts and beliefs that others think about and we stop ourselves in being in full glory, due to these destructional beliefs. If you have thoughts such as below, these are thoughts that are fueling your anxiety... Continue Reading →

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