November 2015

Asp.Net: Client events and Server Events – Its confusing!

Asp.Net is Microsoft's web technology to create and host web applications. Now, we all know that allows users to have html controls as well as asp server controls. All the code (event handlers, classes, function etc) written in the code... Continue Reading →

Is it desirable to see the page load on every network round trip?

Well, the answer is yes and no. It all depends on what you want to achieve. But, as a good coding practice - Stop unnecessary Postbacks! During few years back, before the advent of 'XMLHttpRequest', a web page had to be... Continue Reading →

PHP, Classic Asp, JSP and Asp.Net similarities

Many a times as a web programmer, in your programming career, you may need to interact with people from other programming language backgrounds or read and quickly understand a web page written in a different coding language. At the beginning, to... Continue Reading →

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