July 2016

I want to be a Web Analytics Expert, but stay away from web coding. Can I?

Most of the web analytics tools today, claim that one can learn the tool and measure their website metrics for their company. One sure can, but what if your business needs to measure a new metric or a different web site interaction... Continue Reading →

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Retrieving data out of a Query string

Every website has a url (uniform resource identifier)/ unique readable web link. The link points you to the web server and the web page you are looking for. Lets understand the format of any web url: http:// indicates you... Continue Reading →

Http, html, Server, coding languages – how do all these connect?

The content displayed on your browser is a classic ice-burg scenario. What happens beneath is a complex set of events in the web world. Would you like to have a 30,000 feet/ high level understanding of what goes on in... Continue Reading →

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