May 2018

How to look humble and yet powerful!

  Attribute/Praise the other person or someone else, even when you are being praised. How to genuinely apologize - Take a walk in their shoes - Apologize for those reasons which must have caused them inconvenience. Some of it could... Continue Reading →

No one said Life would be this!

Do you ever think that no one told you, life would be like this! Yes, we all have such moments. And here are some of those moments, which if told were told me earlier, maybe, would have helped me be... Continue Reading →

Mental games!

Have you ever felt the need to have certain tough statements to throw back or to mock at people who humiliate you? I have! But, remember, these are statements to be used to poke a bully or the other person and... Continue Reading →

Remember me yo!

I have had people tell me, to think positively and stop all the negative thoughts. If only, it was that simple! And I keep asking them- how?, hoping I'd find an answer someday! 🙂 To make that transition from constantly doubting... Continue Reading →

Featured post

Mantra to building a joyful me!

Here is a charter of things I want to work upon, to be more at peace with myself and feel happiness within me. In life, we have and could be in conflicting situations with people around us. And many a... Continue Reading →

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