All of us develop thoughts and beliefs that others think about and we stop ourselves in being in full glory, due to these destructional beliefs.

If you have thoughts such as below, these are thoughts that are fueling your anxiety and may cause depression. It is important we break these destructional beliefs

Recognize them and stop your mind from attaching any more drama to it.

  • I haven’t received the best education. Instead know – Quality education – that does not exist
  • I want to be in the best job.  Instead know – There is nothing as the best job
  • It is ok to think low/-ve about yourself, that is how you be humble
  • Judge yourself, when someone else does better or someone else has achieved something you wanted much earlier than you
  • After making a mistake, you should feel ashamed. Instead remember, making mistakes is part of life. Only a new principle can wash off an old one
  • You never get depressed once you understand Mind training and self-love practices (you have to keep practicing it again and again)
  • Age related insults should be taken seriously. No, it is not how people want you to live. You have not done a crime, because, you did not live up to age related expectations
  • What other people think of you is important. Instead know – what you talk to yourself is important, not what others say. Be a good friend to yourself
  • Self worth is the evaluation/measure of yourself in your own eyes. It is not determined by what others think of you. 
  • Many a times, the measuring stick you use to evaluate your own worth, is due to beliefs that others put into you, not your own
  • Do not let what you can do, interfere with what you can do