Usaca Zeer

An enthusiast, philosopher and curiosity driven person. Not to sound like every other profile in the online world, I am a person who likes to engage with people and have discussions over the strangest of thoughts. Feel free to let me know your experiences and thoughts. Thank you for visiting.

Regional Quotes – Remember me yo!

Sometimes, saying and quotes in your own language, the one in which you think, help you de-clutter your mind better. Following are a few quotes or phrases in Hindi: Regional quotes: Apna janm is issue mein fasse rehne ke life... Continue Reading →

What is it to grow up?

These are some of the things, I have learnt over years, that I think is - what it means to grow up or what defines you as being called an adult (apart from your age of course).   Good to... Continue Reading →

Wrong Expectations/Bust those myths!

All of us develop thoughts and beliefs that others think about and we stop ourselves in being in full glory, due to these destructional beliefs. If you have thoughts such as below, these are thoughts that are fueling your anxiety... Continue Reading →

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